Be the Best Nanny Boss Ever

Episode 9: Tarky Lee Author of "The Giving Back Tree"

July 17, 2023 Danny Joseph Rosenthal & United Nanny Agency Season 3
Be the Best Nanny Boss Ever
Episode 9: Tarky Lee Author of "The Giving Back Tree"
Show Notes

Tarky Lee,  a multidimensional caregiver and has been referred to as "the family octopus" took the Shel Silverstein classic, The Giving Tree and gave it a makeover and in doing so she pulled out more lessons to be learned. It’s pretty incredible. 

Tarkey has an illustrious childcare career of 10 years working with celebrity and CEO families and families with special needs kids. So all the lessons she is dropping go a long way, and today she is dropping a lot. Everyday she uses the motto “you have to believe someone can do something LONG before they are able to do it.” She has an artistic, life affirming, supportive approach to child care. "Each day we have an opportunity to learn from each other and love more. I believe being a nanny and family assistant is one of the most amazing jobs on the planet!"

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