Be the Best Nanny Boss Ever

Episode 6: Creating a Connection with Children featuring Carla Ward

May 29, 2023 Carla Ward, Danny Joseph Rosenthal, United Nanny Agency Season 3 Episode 0
Be the Best Nanny Boss Ever
Episode 6: Creating a Connection with Children featuring Carla Ward
Show Notes

Creating a connection with children - whether you're a tutor, babysitter, teacher, or coach - isn't instant and it isn't guaranteed. Carla Ward, an experienced Early Childhood Educator and the visionary founder of Early Learning Foundations, is showing us why it is important to meet children where they are. Show them respect and how to begin building a rapport to create a successful relationship. 

Carla Ward is dedicated to promoting education and elevating the profession of Early Childhood Education. With over 18 years of diverse experience in education, Carla has held various roles and is committed to the growth and development of children. 

As a certified Wunder-Led educator, Carla infuses her work with a sense of wonder and passion that permeates into every aspect of her business. Carla is dedicated to the Early Childhood Education profession in many ways, including hosting The Everything ECE Podcast, offering professional development workshops, ECE consulting and an online tutoring business. Carla loves to share actionable and inspiring ideas with fellow educators both in and out of the classroom to help support professional practices in Early Childhood Education.


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