Be the Best Nanny Boss Ever

Episode 61: Nannypalooza, a letter to my Nannypalovers

October 05, 2022 Danny Joseph Rosenthal & Danny J Nanny Season 2 Episode 61
Be the Best Nanny Boss Ever
Episode 61: Nannypalooza, a letter to my Nannypalovers
Show Notes

Nanny ABCs is coming to a Nannypalooza near you!

 I am so excited to be attending my first Nannypalooza. Yes, I am attending to learn. Yes, I am attending because a few of my nanny friends said it was the best time ever - who can’t use the best time ever? But, I am mostly attending so I can meet you. Yes you. You probably don’t think I’m talking specifically to you because we haven’t met but, yeah, I am talking to you. But, maybe we have met online - over email (I love getting email). Maybe you bought my book ( I know for fact I’ve sent a few books to nannies attending - even those hosting the event). So, maybe we have met in someway or maybe we haven’t but as my pal, she doesn’t know where pals but I say we are,  Megan said, I have never met a stranger. So, if you’re feeling weird introducing yourself - don’t be. And, if we do know each other and I don’t remember your name - I am really sorry. I am terrible with names and I will make it up to you, we can - yes we can - do a karaoke duet this weekend at my Girl Friday’s event - but only if you know Opposites Attract by my girl Paula or Ride like the Wind, by my boy Christopher. And to those nanny friends of mine that I have met - I am really looking forward to seeing your lovely faces.

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