Be the Best Nanny Boss Ever

Episode 55: The Nanny Relief Fund ft. Rachael Lubin

April 25, 2022 Danny Joseph Rosenthal Rachel Lubin Danny J Nanny Season 2 Episode 55
Be the Best Nanny Boss Ever
Episode 55: The Nanny Relief Fund ft. Rachael Lubin
Show Notes

Early on in her career, Rachael Lubin got involved in the nanny community on a national scale. During her first year as a nanny she attended Nannypalooza, the International Nanny Association conference, iNNTD, and other local nanny events. These networking opportunities allowed Lubin to scale her career quickly. 

In late March of 2020, Rachael L. Lubin began seeing more and more people on her social media platforms lose their jobs, their incomes, and become fearful of their immediate financial futures. She decided that as long as she was still fully employed— and as long as the COVID-19 crisis kept so many people out of work— she would donate her Monday paycheck to those in need. Using the song "Today 4 U" from the Broadway musical Rent, she posted a video on social media asking for people to contact her if they had an urgent need for a small, one-time gift.  

Then along with a handful of other industry leaders, the Nanny Relief Fund - the first and only Nanny nonprofit to give direct relief to nannies in need was created. To date, They've raised over $125,000 and we are currently fundraising in order to be able to open up another round of grant applications.



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