Be the Best Nanny Boss Ever

Episode 49: Autism: Surviving to Thriving with Kristan Weisdack

March 07, 2022 Danny J Nanny Danny Rosenthal Kristan Weisdack Season 2 Episode 48
Be the Best Nanny Boss Ever
Episode 49: Autism: Surviving to Thriving with Kristan Weisdack
Show Notes

This podcast is sponsored by United Nanny, a Chicago nanny placement agency. Uniting Families with Exception Care; No Exception.

Kristan Weisdeck joins us to share how she helps families and those with autism from surviving to thriving. Weisdeck works with parents and professionals working with children with autism and behavior issues that are frustrated and overwhelmed when navigating these behaviors. She helps them understand that behavior is MUCH more than meets the eye. Taking a holistic approach to behavior, helping people see the connections that birth experience, nutrition, allergies, undiagnosed vision issues, and so many other issues have to behavior.

Kristan Weisdack is the Founder and CEO of BehaviorWorx of Southwestern PA. Her company offers outpatient services as well as in-person and virtual training for parents and professionals that are often frustrated and overwhelmed when navigating behavior issues with their child or learner. Kristan’s personal and professional experience has helped her understand the causes of behavior are often rooted in nutrition, allergies, undetected vision issues, and problems that occur early on in life. 

This holistic approach to behavior is incorporated into every facet of what she and her team do to help others understand and navigate behavior successfully.



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